Riverhaven Artland

If you have been wondering what I have been doing with my spare time for the last few years, here it is, building dreams with my Dad. I am excited!! We plan to open Riverhaven Artland for the first time in January 2020, please read on for details…

The Blundell family has been at Riverhaven in Clevedon for three generations, with each one adding to its colourful story. Early on, a dairy farm gave way to an Orchard and now currently we are creating a Sculpture Park.

Riverhaven Artland is being built out of love. When Guy Blundell’s wife Sue died over 20 years ago he started planting trees with a view of creating an arboretum. Inspired by English Landscape Architect Capability Brown he planted thousands of ornamental trees and now many years later Riverhaven looks like a park.

Along the way he fell in love with Sculpture and a new seed was planted. He decided he would make Riverhaven a Sculpture Park, to share his love of the land and Art with others. Together with his daughter Katie (Katie Blundell Artist) they are making his dream a reality.

The aim of Riverhaven Artland is to be “A place where Nature greets Art” so Artists and visitors are encouraged to interact and respond with the living environment.

We plan to be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT THE START OF 2020. In the meantime, please sign up to our SEASONAL NEWSLETTER on our website riverhavenartland.com and follow @riverhavenartland on Instagram and Facebook to see our progress and laughs along the way.

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