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Auckland Anniversary Weekend 2022

I am looking forward to the Clevedon Art Trail Annual Open Studios this weekend (Auckland Anniversary Weekend) as my Gallery + Studio is shaping up nicely.

As well as my work, I am hosting the Small Works Sculpture Show for Riverhaven Artland in the Gallery. Many of the Artists in the permanent collection have work in the show.

It is looking fantastic!

25% from all work sold (including all my work) during this long weekend 29-31 January will go to supporting Franklin Hospice.

My Gallery + Studio is open 10am-4pm each day. To visit please note you will need to show your My Vaccine Pass, scan in and wear a mask.While in Clevedon please make sure you check out the rest of the Clevedon Art Trail Open Studios see the website for details:

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Testing my limits to make the BIG PRINT

Onwards, finally with my ‘Farm Girl’ series nearly ready to release, I can share with you how I spent my winter.


I like to stretch myself. I had been watching @biginkprints in USA and Printapalooza at the @tekowhaiprint in Whangarei on Instagram with envy for a couple of years. 

I noticed they mainly focused on super large black and white prints. I mean massive! Amazing!

A seed was planted and I wondered if I could pull off a super big reduction woodcut print?

Photo: My drawing on the woodblock for the limited edition reduction woodcut print.


1100mm H x 900 mm W

Yes BIG!

I had spent a couple of months thinking and drawing till I was happy with a plan that was worthy of the trouble and in the realm of possibility.

What I like about working large is the physicality. When painting I am able to use my whole body to create gestures. Inspired by that idea I was determined to make large gestural marks through carving.

I carved…

I carved until my hands had trouble straightening out, as they were more used to being wrapped round the carving tool. 

Then I carved some more.

At some stage my little one came alongside me, curious about this thing I was spending so much time on and said “I couldn’t do that Mum”. 

I replied ‘I don’t know if I can either, we will have to wait and see”

I kept carving. 

My mangle press, although beautiful, is not able to do massive prints. 

I had put the idea of doing a big print into the I must do that at some stage basket. 

Until one day when my cousin Mark Blundell was showing me his roller. The time had arrived! I jumped at the opportunity, measuring the roller width.

When I had the block ready to print I rang my cousin. A great supporter of my practice, I was delighted when he said he would bring the roller round the next day. 

My family and friends were starting to get curious. The worst case scenario I explained was me breaking this good looking block in two. 

Nightmare material! But it definitely added to the excitement!

With the school holidays starting it was the perfect time to attempt this mission. Usually I share my busy Gallery+ Studio with my students but for 2 weeks it was all mine. I knew I would need the space to hang the large prints to dry.

Getting the paper ready was hard enough. It was like wrestling with a polar bear on ice.

It made me realise I would need an assistant. Everything was too big to handle alone and let’s be honest I have always wanted a technician. 

“Oh yes just how I want to spend my weekend” said my Wife. But I twisted her arm. We did some testing. All was well. 

The next day I was psyched to print the first colour. 

Unfortunately my new technician didn’t feel the same way. It was a very cold day and she had time to realise the magnitude/madness of the project. She needed convincing, I jollied her along promising her that she would look back on the project fondly.

Mixing the magic red colour I was thinking how much will I need? 

Ideally I would make enough for the whole print run of 6 massive limited edition prints. Not an easy amount to guess/calculate. 

(Note: Freakishly at the end of this day I would be delighted to find I had mixed exactly the right amount for all of the prints)

At the end of this day my technician (Wife) couldn’t help but be relatively impressed at what we had pulled it off. 

Surrounded by massive prints that were already showing promise. My limited edition reduction woodcut print was well on it’s way.

Having printed the first colour of my big reduction woodcut print in a mammoth day of printing I was ecstatic but as I cleaned the studio and let myself relax I could feel my body was not so delighted. 

Printmaking is a physical thing on a normal day. What I had done was completely next level. I lay on the ground exhausted and hoped I could walk the next day.

Luckily I awoke the next day feeling remarkably fine and I was relieved that the first part of the project was complete. 

It was now time for the prints to hang drying and me to keep carving once again at that same block of wood as part of the reduction process.

I set goals for each day, carving for many days on end, often 5 hours at a time until finally the block was ready for the last colour.

Turns out everything is harder when you print at this scale. Rolling and lifting the block are doable but registering the paper in place for this big reduction woodcut was paramount.

Once again I needed help. Since my last technician had to go to work I roped in someone you might recognise? 

Yes it is Blyth Tait @blythtait1 

The moment of truth! 

I had asked myself “Can I do a massive reduction woodcut print with an industrial roller? 


The answer is “Yes I can!”

The pride and relief I felt when I hung up the finished prints was BIG!

The reduction process is a risky business at the best of times, as you don’t know if it will work till it’s all over. 

Therefore this project was bordering on massive madness! 

Each day of the many months spent on the work I would wake hopeful, telling myself I could do it. 

I had a clear vision of what needed to be done and a strong belief in the magic of the process. I had fully convinced myself it would work. 

But in the end, as I stood surrounded in these massive prints I was still surprised that I had managed to will these prints into existence.

‘Going round in circles’ Limited edition of 6 reduction woodcut prints on 300gm Fabriano paper, 1130mm x 920mm unframed, 2021, Katie Blundell Artist.

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Putting a spring in my/our step

I hope lockdown is treating you ok? Honestly, I have found this lockdown to be demotivating. The rhythm of my normal creative routine has had to change. My Art Classes are on hold and I miss my busy Gallery + Studio surrounded by lovely people. Many great Art plans have had to be halted/cancelled. There are lots of unknowns.

 So, I have a creative plan to help put the ‘Spring back in my/our step’ I am doing drawing sessions for Adults and Kids alike Monday-Friday this week at 3.30pm each day LIVE on my Katie Blundell Artist Facebook page.

See more details on the Facebook page. I hope you tune in and draw along with me.

There is good news, I was super excited to find out I am a Finalist in the 2021 Walker and Hall Waiheke Art Award and Exhibition.

As the year progresses, I will have to give you up to date details as I/we adapt to the changing times. For example:

I am still planning to be open as part of Art Week Auckland 5th – 14th November TBC

I am still working towards having my Exhibition Farm Girl with guest Artist Jeff Thomson here at my Gallery + Studio Opening 3 Dec TBC

Then hopefully on Auckland Anniversary Weekend we will have our Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event and Riverhaven Artland Sculpture Park fundraiser for Franklin Hospice.

Lots to look forward to.

Hopefully it can be done!

Go team New Zealand!

I look forward to seeing you later today on my Facebook page if you are free.

Thanks heaps

Katie Blundell Artist

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Happy New Year!

So far, it has been a busy start to the year. We are currently working hard to move my Gallery + Studio to the bigger space that we affectionately call the ‘Packing Shed’ here on the farm. Originally made by the family to pack and sell fruit from, it will also be the front of house for Riverhaven Artland (Sculpture Park).  

Detail from Apple Juice Label by my Auntie featuring the Packing Shed and me back in the day in an apple bin inside the Packing Shed

Join us for the Opening Night…

What: Opening Night of the Riverhaven Artland Summer Sculpture Festival which includes the opening of my new exhibition ‘Stay Local’.

Be the first to view and purchase from the Small Works Sculpture Show showcasing the work of Artists in the Riverhaven Artland permanent collection. A James Wright Sculpture will be auctioned. Enjoy the opening night food kindly sponsored by The Corner Kitchen and Bar. All in the new larger Gallery + Studio. Then departing at 7pm Dad and I will take a guided tour of Riverhaven Artland ($25 per Adult, $15 Child which you purchase on the night)

When: Friday 29th January starting at 6pm (feel free to arrive a little earlier to park and settle in)
Where: Riverhaven Artland 331 North Road Clevedon.
Why: In support of Franklin Hospice.
How: If you are able to attend the opening please rsvp to me by responding to this email with the full names of those wishing to attend. It is vital that you do this as attendance is limited. 

Hopefully you will go home inspired from the opening night and get some more friends and family to visit again over the long weekend as we are part of the  Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event. See the full programme at including details about a free kids workshop I am doing during that long weekend.

On other news, as well as all this excitement  I am also looking forward to the year ahead. I have just opened enrolments for my Term 1 After School Art Classes. For details please see my website and contact me asap if you are keen.

Also I am thinking about starting an Adult Art Class on Wednesdays 12.30-2.30pm. If this sparks your interest and you would like me to send you more information please get in touch. I will start this class if people are keen.

Lastly, I am thrilled to tell you that my work will be part of the curated exhibition below. I am excited to be exhibiting alongside these wonderful Artists. I hope you go and check it out.

Katie Blundell, Watermelon in the hot, 2018

29 January – 12 March

Katie Blundell, Claudia Kogachi, Areez Katzki, Joanna Margaret Paul, Erica van Zon
Homespun is group exhibition centred around ideas of home and handmade. Working in a range of mediums, the artists respond to their personal experiences of home during lockdown and celebrate small moments of beauty, which have stood out amidst the routines of domestic life.
Franklin Arts Centre
12 Massey Avenue
Auckland 2120
Phone 09 238 8899
Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Thats about it. 
Thanks heaps for your ongoing support.

Katie Blundell Artist

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Art Week Auckland 2020

Art Week Auckland is coming up soon. I will be teaching a drawing workshop for teenagers at the Pah Homestead (Wallace Arts Trust). Take a look at the link for details:

No booking, so be organised and show up a bit early to get involved. No need to bring anything as the materials are being provided by the fantastic people at The French Art Shop.

While at the Pah Homestead you will also be able to see the 29th Annual Wallace Awards Exhibition on display.

Please share this info with anyone else that may be interested and remember to look up Art Week if you haven’t already as there are heaps of things for you to see/do.

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Alphabet drawing Art activity

Another Art idea from me during lockdown. Once more I aim for it to be joyful, use creative thinking and be accessible.

This one I have just created with my littlest. I think it is especially helpful for kids learning the alphabet but it could be a fun challenge for any age depending on the criteria eg try only drawing from emojis. #🍎#🍌#🥒

So what to do…..You get something to draw on that has two sides (we used shells) You write a letter on one side in permanent marker and draw the first thing that comes to mind that starts with that letter on the other side. If you are hard working like we are, over time you can do the whole alphabet.

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Art Activities while at home

Art Activities

It is the 6th of April 2020 and New Zealand is currently in lockdown due to Covid-19. Many of us are at home with children. So I thought I would share some fun creative activities that you can try and/or do with your kids. I hope you check out the videos below then give the first one a go! 

Katie Blundell Artist

Check out the Art Activities Intro by Katie Blundell Artist


Art Activities Intro

Art Activity (How)

Art Activity Example

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Photo Focus Workshop Tour with Katie Blundell Artist at Riverhaven Artland

Above: Riverhaven Artland in Autumn

Katie Blundell Artist will be taking a
at Riverhaven Artland 10am-12pm on the 26th April 2020. (CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19)

She will draw from her knowledge as an Artist, her experience teaching Photography and her knowledge of Riverhaven Artland.

This fun photography experience is suitable for all visual enthusiasts. Whether you bring along your phone camera or a professional SLR, the key ingredient is an open mind.

The group will be limited to a maximum of 20 people.
The cost is $75 per participant which includes entry to Riverhaven Artland.

Contact Katie Blundell Artist to book a place.

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Finalist in the 28th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2019

Above: ‘Tenacity’ Poplar plywood and stainless steel, acrylic painted sculpture, Katie Blundell Artist

Fantastic news! I was chosen as a Finalist for the 28th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2019. These Awards are the longest surviving and largest annual art awards of their kind in New Zealand. Although I did not win a big prize, my Artwork ‘Tenacity’ is now hanging in the Pah Homestead amongst amazing Artists that I have long admired. So yes I am very happy! You can even go and visit my work as it is on exhibition there until October 20th 2019.

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Riverhaven Artland

If you have been wondering what I have been doing with my spare time for the last few years, here it is, building dreams with my Dad. I am excited!! We plan to open Riverhaven Artland for the first time in January 2020, please read on for details…

The Blundell family has been at Riverhaven in Clevedon for three generations, with each one adding to its colourful story. Early on, a dairy farm gave way to an Orchard and now currently we are creating a Sculpture Park.

Riverhaven Artland is being built out of love. When Guy Blundell’s wife Sue died over 20 years ago he started planting trees with a view of creating an arboretum. Inspired by English Landscape Architect Capability Brown he planted thousands of ornamental trees and now many years later Riverhaven looks like a park.

Along the way he fell in love with Sculpture and a new seed was planted. He decided he would make Riverhaven a Sculpture Park, to share his love of the land and Art with others. Together with his daughter Katie (Katie Blundell Artist) they are making his dream a reality.

The aim of Riverhaven Artland is to be “A place where Nature greets Art” so Artists and visitors are encouraged to interact and respond with the living environment.

We plan to be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT THE START OF 2020. In the meantime, please sign up to our SEASONAL NEWSLETTER on our website and follow @riverhavenartland on Instagram and Facebook to see our progress and laughs along the way.

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Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event 26-28 Jan 2019

We are working hard to make our 3rd annual Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event even more fantastic! Please put the dates in your diary and come and visit us here in beautiful Clevedon. I will have my Gallery+Studio open every day of the long weekend from 10am-4pm and I will also be doing a FREE ADULT PAINTING WORKSHOP at my Gallery+Studio. For more details including how to book in please check out the 2019 programme below and/or visit:

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General Collective Twilight Christmas Market At Ponsonby Central

Hitting the big smoke AGAIN!

I will be popping up at the very cool Ponsonby Central this Sunday 2nd December 3pm-7pm with the General Collective Twilight Christmas Market. So I hope you come and visit me and my new ‘Off the grid’ series.

See the details below. I love their idea of also seeing the Franklin road lights, always awesome! I’m doing it!

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Franklin Arts Trail Open Studio Event Labour Weekend 2018

Inspired (I think partly) by the success of our Clevedon Art Trail there is now also a Franklin Arts Trail.

Along with many other local Artists in the wider Franklin area I will be open 10-4pm all Labour weekend long Saturday 20th-Monday 22 October, as part of this open studio event.

I hope you come and visit me to view my Gallery+ Studio, chat and check out my progress on my new work in progress.

Katie Blundell Artist

Brochure below:


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‘Living with creativity’ community project


This year, once more supported by the Clevedon Plunket Committee, Katie presents a new initiative ‘Living with Creativity’ in the hope that it opens conversations and fosters creativity in our everyday lives. This follows the great success of her ‘Under Pressure’ workshop series/exhibition in 2017 working with local parents and caregivers.

For kids that attend Clevedon Kindergarten there will be a free Creative thinking Kids Art Workshop at Clevedon Kindergarten on Friday 14th September 9-10am. Parents and caregivers of the Clevedon Kindergarten children are also welcome to attend.

For the broader community there will be a free Artist talk for local parents and caregivers where Katie will talk about fostering creativity. This is on Saturday 15th September 10-11am at Katie Blundell Artist Gallery+Studio, 331 North Road Clevedon.

To secure your place at the free Artist talk please RSVP to





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Now part of the Wallace Arts Trust Collection










I have a great story to tell you! On the last day of the ‘Urban Jungle’ Exhibition, who should walk into the gallery but Sir James Wallace!

As I rose from my chair to meet him, my legs became weak and my breathing raced. I managed to greet him and his colleagues and eventually after chatting for a while my heart rate returned to near normal. I was in shock! I had never dreamed I would ever get to meet this great man who does so much for Art.

To make a great story even greater he has even bought my painting ‘Out on a limb’, so that is now part of his Wallace Arts Trust Collection!

Pinch me! True story!!!

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Eastlife and South Magazine Interview

Recently writer Jes Magill visited my studio and interviewed me about my upcoming exhibition at Railway Street Gallery. I am delighted to hear she thinks my paintings are “honest and clever with a humorous touch”

The story is in the June Eastlife Magazine pg 19

and the story has also been published in this month’s South Magazine pg 33

The double page spread includes a story about our Clevedon Art Trail and my friends Cheryl and James Wright at Art Industry so I hope you pick one up or look it up online.

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Urban Jungle Invite

‘Urban Jungle’ Solo Exhibition

This dream has been a long time in the pipeline but it’s happening, in fact it is nearly show time!!
I am excited to invite you to ‘Urban Jungle’ my upcoming Solo Exhibition at Railway Street Gallery in Newmarket. The opening is on Thursday 5th of July 5-8pm and I hope you can make it. All are welcome so please share this invite with family, friends and Art lovers so they can come along too.

Thanks heaps

Katie Blundell Artist

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Upcoming Solo Exhibition At Railway Street Studios (Art Gallery) Opening 5th July 5-8pm 2018

Dream coming true! I am very excited to announce I am having a Solo Exhibition at Railway Street Studios in Newmarket Opening 5th July 5-8pm. The Exhibition will run till the 21st July 2018.

Please sign up to my Seasonal Newsletter so that I can send you an invitation:

Recently Fiona Cable owner of the Gallery came to visit my Studio and it is great to hear her perspective in her latest blog. Click the link below to read on:

Thanks heaps

Katie Blundell Artist



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2018 Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event


We hope you come along to this year’s Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event. For more information and full programme details please go to

I am teaching a free printmaking workshop “New” for 65 years + here in my Gallery+Studio.  Details below:

STUDIO 7 Katie Blundell Artist Gallery + Studio

Open 10am-4pm All Auckland Anniversary Weekend
331 North Road Clevedon

Katie will have her Gallery + Studio open all weekend and will run a free workshop.

“NEW” A Printmaking Workshop for 65 years +

Saturday 27th January 2018
Maximum 6 Participants
A fun workshop inspired by your favourite “New” objects of all time. Participants will use woodcut and monoprint processes to create an individual work, guided by Katie Blundell Artist. The participants Artworks will then be exhibited in the Gallery for the long weekend.
Please contact Katie Blundell Artist to apply

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Heading into 2018 I am thrilled to be part of the upcoming Auckland Pride Festival.

I invite you to the opening on Saturday 3rd Feb 2-4pm.










Please follow the fruity link below to the Auckland Pride Festival Programme:


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Honour Ring Exhibition

I am participating in this exhibition. That starts off at the Franklin Arts Centre in Pukekohe and then travels to Christchurch. I hope that if you get a chance you pop in and have a look. I am looking forward to meeting and working with Artists both local and from further afield.


Katie Blundell Artist

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Term 3 After School Art Classes and 1 Day Adult Workshops

I am a local practicing Artist with a Masters of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University. I also have 10 years Secondary Art Teaching experience, most recently at Diocesan School for Girls.

Over the years I have gathered many skills in a broad range of Art fields including for example Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Moving image and Art History.

I now run After School Art Classes each term from my Gallery + Studio here at 331 North Road Clevedon.

I teach 9-13 year olds classes on Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm.

I also teach 7-8 year old classes on Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm.

Currently I am taking bookings for Term 3 classes. We will be focusing on Printmaking.

I also have a couple of upcoming 1 Day Adult Woodcut Printing Workshops available.

To find out more details about the After School Classes or Adult Workshops please

email or phone me

ph 021 944 645

Thank you

Katie Blundell Artist


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Funded and supported by the Franklin Local Board, this community art project runs over six weeks in Katie’s Gallery + Studio, utilising her newly restored mangle press. Focused on prints in the Vanitas style (a type of still life art that examines mortality and uses symbolism to represent peoples lives) participants will be taught how to develop ideas, learn the technical process of reduction woodblock printing and create their own original prints.

The community are invited to view the artwork at a special exhibition/event at the end of the course. The art will be for sale, with all profits from participants works going to Clevedon Plunket, who are generously supporting this community project in several ways, including looking after participants’ young children during the course so they can focus on art making.

Katie will also be releasing her new print series “Status Symbols” at the exhibition, with a percentage of sales also earmarked to go to Plunket from this event.

“As a mum myself, I know that sometimes being at home with your kids can be isolating and it’s great to have a passion to work on that’s just for you. I have loved sharing my space and experience for this creative workshop series. My goal is to make the project ongoing so that more local parents can meet each other and learn something different.”
Katie Blundell Artist.


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The Great Mangle Printing Press of 2017

I had a dream, ideally I wanted to turn my Grandpa’s two old and broken mangles (a mangle by the way is a machine that was used in the late 1800s till the early 1900s in NZ to wring clothes of water for drying) that had been sitting around taking up space, into a magnificent printing press. Realising this was way outside my realm of expertise, I figured I needed help. I did my research and was delighted when I finally found Johnny Mulvay of Classic Etching Presses.

Unfortunately when we took them down to his place in Waihi on the trailer they broke further! We did not know at that point that cast iron is strong like it looks but is brittle like china.

Luckily for me, Johnny is somewhat of a collector of mangles and so he had some spare parts. Since we took two mangles down, on the spot we also decided to turn the left over base of the other mangle into a table.

My heart was filled with hope but then I had to wait. Not something I do well. Anyway I managed, only because Johnny sent me update photos. So I was able to enjoy the process from a far.

 Three weeks later I was told I could pick it up. I was excited but deeply worried. Because if they broke, I knew I would cry, a lot. My level of personal attachment had grown day by day and they were now hitting the priceless category.

I tried to act brave and went down with the trailer and lots of foam to bring it home safety.

 When I arrived it turned out to be every bit as beautiful as I had hoped, actually better!

I had to get back to pick up the kids after school. Nothing like a little time pressure to keep you working hard. So I put a quick test print through, then it was time to dismantle it and pack it in the car and trailer.

The drive home seemed longer as I felt every bump I went over. I was very happy to get home without hearing any large bangs and I enjoyed loading every beautiful piece into the gallery.

 So excited to see it in my space I had to put it together that night. By some miracle we managed it. Then the next day a bit of tweaking and looking at it.

Yesterday I put a test print through just to check everything was printing evenly.


And so now I have my own printing press.

Every girls dream I am sure! Well definitely mine.


Katie Blundell Artist










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Enrol now in Term 2 After School Art Classes

I launched my After School Art Classes in Term 1, 2017. They are going really well and in response to demand I will add another class in Term 2. 

I will teach 7-8 years on Tuesdays

3-30-430pm and 4.30-5.30pm

and 9-12 years on Thursdays

3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm

Limited spaces are available and they fill up quickly, so if you are interested please email me as soon as possible.


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Tail feathers (straight up series)

Title: Tail feathers (straight up series)
Date: 2017
Status: Sold
Medium: Acrylic painting on plus shaped plywood board
Size: 450mm x 450mm
Price: $600


   “If you don’t value yourself, no one else will.”

 Katie Blundell Artist 2017

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Look watch me

Title: Look watch me (straight up series)
Date: 2017
Status: Sold
Medium: Acrylic painting on plus shaped plywood board
Size: 450mm x 450mm
Price: $600


   “We learn by watching others.”

 Katie Blundell Artist 2017

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I will be starting to teach Children and Adult Art Workshops and Classes from my Gallery+Studio at 331 North Road, Clevedon at the start of 2017.

I have 10 years Art Teaching experience, most recently at Diocesan School for Girls. I have a Masters of Fine Art from Elam, Auckland University and I am a practising Artist.

Over the years I have gathered many skills in a broad range of Art fields including for example Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Moving image and Art History.

I look forward to sharing my love of Art and Teaching with the community.

To express your interest in the Art Workshops and Classes and to find out more details please email me

Thank you

Katie Blundell Artist

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I would like to warming invite you…

As you may know, I have been working hard all year creating a large body of artwork, as well as my own Gallery + Studio here in Clevedon. I am excited about sharing my efforts with you.

 On that note, I would like to warmly invite you to the Opening of the Gallery + Studio and my first exhibition in the space, ‘Idioms Countryside’.

It would be great if you could help me spread the word by sharing this with your family, friends and fellow Art lovers, as all are welcome.


Katie Blundell Artist


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Please save the Date

The opening of my Gallery+Studio and 2016 Exhibition will be on Saturday the 5th of November from 2-4pm. Please save the date and share this info with your family, friends and Art lovers. More details to come over the next few months.

Please subscribe to my seasonal newsletter at the bottom of this website’s home page

or like my Katie Blundell Artist Facebook page so I can send you an invitation.


Katie Blundell Artist


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The HUGE Corner Kitchen & Bar Commission

When the owners of the Clevedon Cafe asked me to do a huge commission project for their major renovation and renaming to The Corner Kitchen & Bar, I said “Yes of course”, even though I was already busy preparing for my Solo Art Exhibition “Adding Up”.

I enjoyed designing the EIEIO rural-themed artwork specifically for the new space.  Words like sea, sky, river, rural, animals, contemporary, landmarks, experience, community and belonging were catalysts to my imagination.

I am very happy with the result and grateful for the opportunity. I hope you take the time to visit all 15 of my Artworks at The Corner Kitchen and Bar. I would make time to stop to enjoy the great food while you enjoy the Art!


Katie Blundell Artist


Above: Belted Galloway and Tallulah installed in The Corner Kitchen and Bar.

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Finding Happiness


Great news! You can now buy my self published book ‘Finding Happiness’ from our local Clevedon Co op. Next time you pop in I would love you to take a look. You can also buy them by contacting me through this website. They are $20 each NZ (plus shipping).

It would make a great Christmas present!! Happy holidays!!


Katie Blundell Artist

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“Adding Up was great, Thank you”

  On the 1st of November I hosted ‘Adding Up’, my Solo Pop Up Art Exhibition at 7 Devon Lane Pukekohe. It was a great success, with many people coming within the few hours it was open and I also sold over 20 works. Thank you to everyone that helped make it happen, from family and supporters to sponsors and people that invested in my work. It was a years worth of hard work and well worth the effort.

Here are some photos of the exhibition. All the Artworks are now loaded to the website for you to view.


Katie Blundell Artist


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Subscribe and be in the draw to win ‘Treasure Island’

Please take a moment and subscribe to my seasonal newsletter. Just go to the bottom of the home page on this website and sign up. 

This will put you in the draw to win ‘Treasure island’ A one off gauche and oil pastel drawing on archival heavyweight watercolour paper, floated in a blonde wooden frame (Thanks to my sponsors Franklin Framing). Worth $260.Treasure island(3)

This is one of over 30 works that will be in the ‘Adding up’ Exhibition. I will draw the winner the day before the Exhibition.
Thank you Katie Blundell Artist

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Solo Show 1st November 2015

I invite you all to my upcoming Solo Art Exhibition. Please bring your friends and family, as all are welcome. It would be great if you could help me spread the word. I have been working towards this pop up exhibition/event all year and will have over 30 new works for sale. Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you at the Exhibition.
Katie Blundell
small poster

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8th September 2015


IMG_0396 (1) I had a great day in the Auckland city yesterday. I was invited back to Diocesan School for Girls by the Leadership Team to speak and facilitate a workshop for the Year 6 students. The students are writing a book this week and I was happy to share my experience of writing my book, ‘Finding Happiness’ with them.

When I was planning what to say and how to best help them get started, I was reminded of the many conversations I had with students over the years. I would say “I believe if you feel strongly about something and are somehow personally connected to your idea it is easier to find an artistic voice”. Many students would say “I have nothing to say”. The more we talked the more they realised they did have something to say. The magic was me asking them questions and helping them link their answers. Never wanting to be the bearer of all knowledge I decided to show them my thinking aloud.  I was inspired to quiz them about Art, life, their favourite colour, fashions, books, trends, etc. It was a wonderful process that allowed them to find their own unique voice.

The random personal quiz was what I shared with the year 6 students. It is a way of figuring out what you want and how you will get it. By asking yourself a series of questions, some of them useful, others random by design, you can spark your imagination. You can then decide what you like most and brainstorm out further. Finally you find the links between words and ideas to create an outcome.  Amazingly this process seems to be fun, accessible, creative and successful. What is most exciting is that it takes away the pressure of being right or having to come up with that one perfect original idea.

The students seemed to enjoy the workshop and I am looking forward to seeing their final books, as I am sure they will be fantastic!

Katie Blundell

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