Don’t walk on the grass

Title: Don’t walk on the grass
Date: 2017
Status: Not available
Medium: Acrylic painting on astroturf
Size: 2300 x 1900mm
Price:  POA



Someone once told me to “Get Real”. Within the context, they simply meant to get with the programme. They wanted me to be able to see and work inside parameters, to believe in a certain construct and way of thinking. What I realised was that my reality was different from theirs.

A lingering question revealed itself. What is real? Apparently, something that is true, that exists. Yet how does our personal perception sit with truth. Does everyone have their own truths?

This exhibition is an abstract chat about reality.

When I think of the real I see landscapes. So, I explored nature in a search to define the real. Instead I always found myself in nature. With these experiences in mind the resulting abstract paintings are real to me.

Katie Blundell Artist


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