A crowd

Title: A crowd

Date: 2017
Status: For sale
Medium: Reduction woodcut on Fabriano paper
Size: 560mm H x 390mm W, 
Price: $280 Unframed $395 Framed

(Limited Edition of 5 prints)


‘Status Symbols’

Status symbols are a visible expression of social standing. Luxury goods including Art are often seen in this manner. Limited edition prints play with the idea of the multiple and are by their very nature collector’s items.

A toothbrush however, is apparently not something one normally thinks of to describe a life. Usually we see someone’s new single status on Facebook or follow a car laden with bumper stickers proclaiming the owner has a family that consists of a man, a woman, three kids and a chicken.

This series came in reaction to the shiny projections of self. Inspired instead from the banal and everyday lived experience. As one day I was struck by the sheer number of untidy toothbrushes I now live with and how that represented my family.

I was transported back to a time where keeping my pristine toothbrush alongside someone else’s was a personal big deal. This series uses toothbrushes to examine stages of my relationship evolution and hopefully opens you to think of yours.

There is no perfect arrangement, like us they belong to their environment and evolve to take on a life of their own.

Katie Blundell Artist 2017


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