Date: 2018

Medium: Paint and reduction woodcut on linen scroll

Size: 1460 x 700mm

The works ‘Want and need’ questions our timely desire for much more than a shelter and basic needs.

This one off work is inspired by Japanese painted scrolls and also utilises my woodcut skills, as I aim to push at the meeting points of Paint and Print.

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From the series

 Off the grid’ Series 2018

I have always wanted a bach. As a child I was lucky to spend alot of time at the beach and family baches. I dreamed of one day having my own. Amazingly I now have a bach and it is everything I dreamed of. Simple, functional and it helps me focus on the experience. New Zealanders have long enjoyed the kiwi bach. They embody the ideal which includes sun, sand and freedom. My new ‘Off the grid’ series rejoices in simplicity.