Sitting Duck

Date: 2020

Medium: Acrylic painting and etching on board

Size:  2400mm x 1200mm

A definition of Nature often excludes humans. Because unfortunately historically, I think us humans often think of ourselves as somehow superior to nature. We have had a wake up call,  I think we need to see ourselves as part of natures tapestry in order to live and create a better future. During lockdown, hunters became the hunted and nature was left to thrive.


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From the series

Stay Local

Evolving with the times I have decided to do things differently. Normally I would build up a body of artwork over approximately a year and wait to show you the finished works all together in my exhibition. But this year I plan to change it up and release some of the works as I go.

The series ‘Stay local’ will be created in and inspired by the unprecedented times we find ourselves living in.