Mixed media drawings


Artwork titles

  1. ‘Hello Hello’,
  2. ‘Picasso’s t shirt
  3. ‘Polly want a cracker’
  4. ‘By the scruff of their neck’
  5. ‘The watchman’
  6. ‘Nah nah nah nah nahhhhh’
  7. ‘Chasing stars’
  8. ‘Simon says’
  9. ‘Shrinking’
  10. ‘Copy cat’
  11. ‘Somebody in disguise’
  12. ‘Chicken and the egg’
  13. ‘Just a little icecream’
  14. ‘Brave in the dark’
  15. ‘A penny for your thoughts’
  16. ‘Light bearer’

Date: 2019

Status: Some sold, some available

Medium: Mixed media drawings on Fabriano Artistico paper

Size:  210 x 160mm

Framed (white box frame)

Price: $150 each

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From the exhibition

Without a shadow of a doubt

A collection of new work at Katie’s Gallery + Studio.
Opening Night was 24th January 2020. 
+ 25th – 27th January 2020 as part of the Clevedon Art Trail Open Studio Event.
As a kid I loved stories with a moral, a lesson to be learnt. Just like in the stories I use animals as subject matter in my artwork to talk about being human. ‘Without a shadow of a doubt’ is a new body of artwork inspired by doubt and fear, along with a desire to overcome these invisible restrictions. I realise now, that doubt is a construction completely made up inside the mind and that often it must be faced in order to create our destiny.

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Hello Hello, Picasso’s t shirt, Polly want a cracker, By the scruff of their neck, The watchman, Chasing stars, Simon says, Somebody in disguise, Chicken and the egg, A penny for your thoughts, Light bearer