• 8th September 2015


    IMG_0396 (1) I had a great day in the Auckland city yesterday. I was invited back to Diocesan School for Girls by the Leadership Team to speak and facilitate a workshop for the Year 6 students. The students are writing a book this week and I was happy to share my experience of writing my book, ‘Finding Happiness’ with them.

    When I was planning what to say and how to best help them get started, I was reminded of the many conversations I had with students over the years. I would say “I believe if you feel strongly about something and are somehow personally connected to your idea it is easier to find an artistic voice”. Many students would say “I have nothing to say”. The more we talked the more they realised they did have something to say. The magic was me asking them questions and helping them link their answers. Never wanting to be the bearer of all knowledge I decided to show them my thinking aloud.  I was inspired to quiz them about Art, life, their favourite colour, fashions, books, trends, etc. It was a wonderful process that allowed them to find their own unique voice.

    The random personal quiz was what I shared with the year 6 students. It is a way of figuring out what you want and how you will get it. By asking yourself a series of questions, some of them useful, others random by design, you can spark your imagination. You can then decide what you like most and brainstorm out further. Finally you find the links between words and ideas to create an outcome.  Amazingly this process seems to be fun, accessible, creative and successful. What is most exciting is that it takes away the pressure of being right or having to come up with that one perfect original idea.

    The students seemed to enjoy the workshop and I am looking forward to seeing their final books, as I am sure they will be fantastic!

    Katie Blundell

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    Exhibiting the Rabbit Holes series and new work in the Macleans College show.

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