Farm Girl

The ‘Farm Girl’ series came about quite naturally, looking out my studio window onto my dad’s beloved machinery. My new subject matter was literally looking back at me. Heavy machinery is powerful, dominant and masculine. As a Woman Artist to me these ideas seem both confrontational and inspiring. The series began.
Only two generation ago my elders were ‘Land Girls’, compared to them I am sure I am terribly average. Growing up the eldest of three living on a family farm ideally, I would have been a boy. Instead, my poor Dad got stuck with me. I was not taught a great deal about machinery instead of knowing the tractors by brands I knew them by colour. I was however taught they were helpful and to be loved.
As the ‘Farm Girl’ series developed, I couldn’t help but think about the destruction humans cause using heavy machinery. In contrast I also heard the love in the voices of people that owned the machinery. More questions than answers arose.

Never before have we had so many tools at our disposal. With power comes great responsibility. I was reminded of a wise thing a woman once told me. “They are just tools. It is how we use them that counts” Through habit we often choose the easiest option, what we have always done. As an Artist and a Farm Girl it is my job to open a conversation, so that we might continue to question the traces we leave, our legacy.

Katie Blundell Artist

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