Lady Luck

Title: Lady Luck Triptych
Date: 2016
Status: Sold
Medium: Acrylic painting triptych on plywood plus shape box board
Size: 450mm H x 450 W each piece of triptych


The Lady Luck triptych is a building narrative.

Part A: Waiting for her man

Part B: Riding the big wave

Part C: Making their nest

The commission began with an initial conversation. We talked about the couple’s love of the ocean.  I was inspired by them building a life together, both emotionally and physically building a new house. A friend once told me that in order to be in a happy relationship, first you need to be happy alone. It seems to me the couple already appreciate each other for who each other are including their pre-existing passions.
Lady Luck starts with a Lady standing independently at the edge of a new beginning, looking forward to the future and all that is in her basket of life. When she meets her man they set off on great adventures. Mixing luck with good management they catch the great wave. Finally they settle down to build their nest together by the sea.
Katie Blundell Artist


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