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Heading into 2018 I am thrilled to be part of the upcoming Auckland Pride Festival.

I invite you to the opening on Saturday 3rd Feb 2-4pm.










Please follow the fruity link below to the Auckland Pride Festival Programme:


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Honour Ring Exhibition

I am participating in this exhibition. That starts off at the Franklin Arts Centre in Pukekohe and then travels to Christchurch. I hope that if you get a chance you pop in and have a look. I am looking forward to meeting and working with Artists both local and from further afield.


Katie Blundell Artist

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Term 3 After School Art Classes and 1 Day Adult Workshops

I am a local practicing Artist with a Masters of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University. I also have 10 years Secondary Art Teaching experience, most recently at Diocesan School for Girls.

Over the years I have gathered many skills in a broad range of Art fields including for example Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Moving image and Art History.

I now run After School Art Classes each term from my Gallery + Studio here at 331 North Road Clevedon.

I teach 9-13 year olds classes on Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm.

I also teach 7-8 year old classes on Tuesday 3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm.

Currently I am taking bookings for Term 3 classes. We will be focusing on Printmaking.

I also have a couple of upcoming 1 Day Adult Woodcut Printing Workshops available.

To find out more details about the After School Classes or Adult Workshops please

email or phone me

ph 021 944 645

Thank you

Katie Blundell Artist


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Funded and supported by the Franklin Local Board, this community art project runs over six weeks in Katie’s Gallery + Studio, utilising her newly restored mangle press. Focused on prints in the Vanitas style (a type of still life art that examines mortality and uses symbolism to represent peoples lives) participants will be taught how to develop ideas, learn the technical process of reduction woodblock printing and create their own original prints.

The community are invited to view the artwork at a special exhibition/event at the end of the course. The art will be for sale, with all profits from participants works going to Clevedon Plunket, who are generously supporting this community project in several ways, including looking after participants’ young children during the course so they can focus on art making.

Katie will also be releasing her new print series “Status Symbols” at the exhibition, with a percentage of sales also earmarked to go to Plunket from this event.

“As a mum myself, I know that sometimes being at home with your kids can be isolating and it’s great to have a passion to work on that’s just for you. I have loved sharing my space and experience for this creative workshop series. My goal is to make the project ongoing so that more local parents can meet each other and learn something different.”
Katie Blundell Artist.


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The Great Mangle Printing Press of 2017

I had a dream, ideally I wanted to turn my Grandpa’s two old and broken mangles (a mangle by the way is a machine that was used in the late 1800s till the early 1900s in NZ to wring clothes of water for drying) that had been sitting around taking up space, into a magnificent printing press. Realising this was way outside my realm of expertise, I figured I needed help. I did my research and was delighted when I finally found Johnny Mulvay of Classic Etching Presses.

Unfortunately when we took them down to his place in Waihi on the trailer they broke further! We did not know at that point that cast iron is strong like it looks but is brittle like china.

Luckily for me, Johnny is somewhat of a collector of mangles and so he had some spare parts. Since we took two mangles down, on the spot we also decided to turn the left over base of the other mangle into a table.

My heart was filled with hope but then I had to wait. Not something I do well. Anyway I managed, only because Johnny sent me update photos. So I was able to enjoy the process from a far.

 Three weeks later I was told I could pick it up. I was excited but deeply worried. Because if they broke, I knew I would cry, a lot. My level of personal attachment had grown day by day and they were now hitting the priceless category.

I tried to act brave and went down with the trailer and lots of foam to bring it home safety.

 When I arrived it turned out to be every bit as beautiful as I had hoped, actually better!

I had to get back to pick up the kids after school. Nothing like a little time pressure to keep you working hard. So I put a quick test print through, then it was time to dismantle it and pack it in the car and trailer.

The drive home seemed longer as I felt every bump I went over. I was very happy to get home without hearing any large bangs and I enjoyed loading every beautiful piece into the gallery.

 So excited to see it in my space I had to put it together that night. By some miracle we managed it. Then the next day a bit of tweaking and looking at it.

Yesterday I put a test print through just to check everything was printing evenly.


And so now I have my own printing press.

Every girls dream I am sure! Well definitely mine.


Katie Blundell Artist










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Enrol now in Term 2 After School Art Classes

I launched my After School Art Classes in Term 1, 2017. They are going really well and in response to demand I will add another class in Term 2. 

I will teach 7-8 years on Tuesdays

3-30-430pm and 4.30-5.30pm

and 9-12 years on Thursdays

3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm

Limited spaces are available and they fill up quickly, so if you are interested please email me as soon as possible.


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I will be starting to teach Children and Adult Art Workshops and Classes from my Gallery+Studio at 331 North Road, Clevedon at the start of 2017.

I have 10 years Art Teaching experience, most recently at Diocesan School for Girls. I have a Masters of Fine Art from Elam, Auckland University and I am a practising Artist.

Over the years I have gathered many skills in a broad range of Art fields including for example Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Photography, Moving image and Art History.

I look forward to sharing my love of Art and Teaching with the community.

To express your interest in the Art Workshops and Classes and to find out more details please email me

Thank you

Katie Blundell Artist

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I would like to warming invite you…

As you may know, I have been working hard all year creating a large body of artwork, as well as my own Gallery + Studio here in Clevedon. I am excited about sharing my efforts with you.

 On that note, I would like to warmly invite you to the Opening of the Gallery + Studio and my first exhibition in the space, ‘Idioms Countryside’.

It would be great if you could help me spread the word by sharing this with your family, friends and fellow Art lovers, as all are welcome.


Katie Blundell Artist


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Please save the Date

The opening of my Gallery+Studio and 2016 Exhibition will be on Saturday the 5th of November from 2-4pm. Please save the date and share this info with your family, friends and Art lovers. More details to come over the next few months.

Please subscribe to my seasonal newsletter at the bottom of this website’s home page

or like my Katie Blundell Artist Facebook page so I can send you an invitation.


Katie Blundell Artist


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The HUGE Corner Kitchen & Bar Commission

When the owners of the Clevedon Cafe asked me to do a huge commission project for their major renovation and renaming to The Corner Kitchen & Bar, I said “Yes of course”, even though I was already busy preparing for my Solo Art Exhibition “Adding Up”.

I enjoyed designing the EIEIO rural-themed artwork specifically for the new space.  Words like sea, sky, river, rural, animals, contemporary, landmarks, experience, community and belonging were catalysts to my imagination.

I am very happy with the result and grateful for the opportunity. I hope you take the time to visit all 15 of my Artworks at The Corner Kitchen and Bar. I would make time to stop to enjoy the great food while you enjoy the Art!


Katie Blundell Artist


Above: Belted Galloway and Tallulah installed in The Corner Kitchen and Bar.

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Finding Happiness


Great news! You can now buy my self published book ‘Finding Happiness’ from our local Clevedon Co op. Next time you pop in I would love you to take a look. You can also buy them by contacting me through this website. They are $20 each NZ (plus shipping).

It would make a great Christmas present!! Happy holidays!!


Katie Blundell Artist

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“Adding Up was great, Thank you”

  On the 1st of November I hosted ‘Adding Up’, my Solo Pop Up Art Exhibition at 7 Devon Lane Pukekohe. It was a great success, with many people coming within the few hours it was open and I also sold over 20 works. Thank you to everyone that helped make it happen, from family and supporters to sponsors and people that invested in my work. It was a years worth of hard work and well worth the effort.

Here are some photos of the exhibition. All the Artworks are now loaded to the website for you to view.


Katie Blundell Artist


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Subscribe and be in the draw to win ‘Treasure Island’

Please take a moment and subscribe to my seasonal newsletter. Just go to the bottom of the home page on this website and sign up. 

This will put you in the draw to win ‘Treasure island’ A one off gauche and oil pastel drawing on archival heavyweight watercolour paper, floated in a blonde wooden frame (Thanks to my sponsors Franklin Framing). Worth $260.Treasure island(3)

This is one of over 30 works that will be in the ‘Adding up’ Exhibition. I will draw the winner the day before the Exhibition.
Thank you Katie Blundell Artist

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Solo Show 1st November 2015

I invite you all to my upcoming Solo Art Exhibition. Please bring your friends and family, as all are welcome. It would be great if you could help me spread the word. I have been working towards this pop up exhibition/event all year and will have over 30 new works for sale. Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing you at the Exhibition.
Katie Blundell
small poster

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8th September 2015


IMG_0396 (1) I had a great day in the Auckland city yesterday. I was invited back to Diocesan School for Girls by the Leadership Team to speak and facilitate a workshop for the Year 6 students. The students are writing a book this week and I was happy to share my experience of writing my book, ‘Finding Happiness’ with them.

When I was planning what to say and how to best help them get started, I was reminded of the many conversations I had with students over the years. I would say “I believe if you feel strongly about something and are somehow personally connected to your idea it is easier to find an artistic voice”. Many students would say “I have nothing to say”. The more we talked the more they realised they did have something to say. The magic was me asking them questions and helping them link their answers. Never wanting to be the bearer of all knowledge I decided to show them my thinking aloud.  I was inspired to quiz them about Art, life, their favourite colour, fashions, books, trends, etc. It was a wonderful process that allowed them to find their own unique voice.

The random personal quiz was what I shared with the year 6 students. It is a way of figuring out what you want and how you will get it. By asking yourself a series of questions, some of them useful, others random by design, you can spark your imagination. You can then decide what you like most and brainstorm out further. Finally you find the links between words and ideas to create an outcome.  Amazingly this process seems to be fun, accessible, creative and successful. What is most exciting is that it takes away the pressure of being right or having to come up with that one perfect original idea.

The students seemed to enjoy the workshop and I am looking forward to seeing their final books, as I am sure they will be fantastic!

Katie Blundell

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